How to Responsibly Enjoy the Outdoors During a Quarantine

How to Responsibly Enjoy the Outdoors During a Quarantine

We have all been cooped up for so long, craving fresh air and the outdoors. Unfortunately along with the benefits of getting outside, there are some potential risks to heading to the parks. 

A lot of the high traffic destination National Parks and Forests are located in close proximity to small towns and communities. These places are somewhat secluded and, outside of travelers, they don't get too much contact with the "outside world".

This is actually a GOOD thing when it comes to pandemics. The less contact with outsiders, means less of a chance the virus has of snaking its way through the community. 


That said, there are hundreds if not thousands of parks in every state that are close to home, although smaller and not as well known, these trails have a lot to offer. Please do your part in keeping our National Park communities safe, and stay local during these uncertain times. 

We've put together a few suggestions that can help you decide where and when to get outside and enjoy some fresh air!


1. Don't go out if you're feeling sick or exhibiting any of the following symptoms: fever, dry cough, chills/body aches, and unusual fatigue or shortness of breath.
2. Stay local and go solo or with immediate family members only. If you arrive at the park or trailhead and it's crowded, come back at a different time.
3. Be prepared before you leave home. Many park facilities are closed including bathrooms and water fountains. 
4. Make space for others on the trail, announce your presence, and give six feet of space when passing (or step off the trail so others can pass you.)
5. Avoid playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic tables, and benches.
6. Carry hand sanitizer in case you touch any of these surfaces and be sure to wash your hands as soon as you get home. 
7. And ALWAYS Follow CDC and your state/local guidelines. 


WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. We are an extremely resilient species. So stay happy, and stay healthy. Your time for adventure is not over, right now is just the time to explore our local trails. Get out there and see something new today. 

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