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Ursack Minor Critter-Resistant Bag

Ursack Minor Critter-Resistant Bag

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For critters - not bears.

If you're looking for reliable, critter-resistant food storage, the Ursack Minor is for you. The Minor is made of a fabric woven from Kevlar, an ultra-high-performance fiber. The highly cut resistant weave prevents sharp-toothed critters from getting your food. Ursack Minor will NOT protect against the strength of a bear. 

  • Critter Resistant
  • Material: Kevlar
  • Weight: appx. 5 oz
  • Capacity: about 10.65+ Liters (appx. 5 days of food for 1 person). If packed only with freeze-dried food, it will hold about 37 servings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Video: How much food fits?
  • Flexible
  • Cord: short hanging loop with reflective tracer
  • Recommend: Odor Barrier Bag (OP Sak 12 x 20)


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