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This 12 X 20 sealable plastic bag is made from a special film that is 17,000 times more odor-resistant than HDPE. When used properly, the OPSak is 100% water and air tight. New double zip closure. Each bag in the 2 pack weighs about 1 ounce. Use with Ursack to keep bears and other critters from smelling your food.

The bags are considered disposable and will need to be replaced after extended use. The body of the bag will far outlast the closure.  The closure is a lighter weight material in order to ensure pliability to create 100% contact throughout the closure.  The body of the bag is a durable film that will far outlast the closure. The manufacturer of OPSak has to see any bag that a customer claims was defective at the time of purchase. They will only consider reviewing a bag within 30 days of purchase and the bag must be accompanied with a paid invoice/ receipt.

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